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WhatsApp finally allow to delete sent messages

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      Whatsapp Finally enable features to recall or delete messages sent to wrong person or wrong group.Earlier Whatsapp announced that features and  now same activated as “Delete for everyone

     Whatsapp “delete features”  is allowed to delete message from sender screen only but for receiver side it will not deleted. New Features “Delete for Everyone” is allow you to delete message from both side.





Whatsapp has started to roll out its delete message features for IOS,Windows and Android users.New Features allowed you to delete or recall message from person or groups.It will delete or recall message within 7 minutes of sent time.If you try to delete after 7 minutes features not worked.   It tested and and live for small groups also.User can delete single message or multiple at a time.

Whatsapp used by millions of users so it is not possible to roll out at a time for all users.So it is started and slow process to roll out.Whatsapp is migrating users as many possible each and every day. As your phone is compatible you will received notification for update.

How to Delete Massage :

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Message delete in Front end is simple process. Simple Tap and long press on message and tap on delete icon. You will see 3 options there – Delete for everyone, Delete for me and cancel. Delete For every delete message for sender and receiver ,Delete for Me delete only for sender and Cancel will close delete window.