How to Rotate Text in Excel Header And Cell

When We are working on Excel Reports many times our figure is fewer numbers, but the heading is larger in comparison to cell figures. So when such a situation happened normally we are doing Wrap Text in Header Row so column space should not be extended. So here we are going to learn one alter […]

How to Print Top Row on Every Page in Excel

When we work with data in Excel, we all know that there is a feature that allow us to freeze top row or sheet or first column of sheet. Even we can freeze multiple rows & columns also. So when we scroll down, the headers are always visible And when we scroll right column will […]

How to Build Your Own Brand with Memento Tech

How to Build Your Own Brand with Memento Tech every business owner want to represent they product/company as a Brand. But how we can convert normal business in brand or how to do brand level marketing.key features of branding and marketing.  What is Brand? Best digital marketing and branding company in india – Memento tech […]

Importance of LSI keyword in SEO

What are LSI Keywords ? Latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords are essentially keywords that are semantically related to your main keyword, that is used in a search query. These lsi keywords supplement the main keywords and act as helpers to give a stronger contextual information to the search engines like (google, yahoo or bing) and […]

Improve Your Business with Lead Generation

Improve Your Business with Lead Generation What is Lead ? A lead is any person who is helpful to find  interest in a company of manufacturer product or service in some way, shape, or form.Leads typically hear from a business or organization after opening communication by submitting personal information for an offer, products, trial, or […]

How to delete Windows User / Profile?

How to delete Windows User/Profile? In this post we are going to learn that how can we remove windows 10 user(local/AD user) and his profile completely. 1st of all we have to identify weather user is local user or active directory user . All users which are showing in Computer Management –> Local Users and […]

Raise Your Manufacturing with IoT – IoT in Manufacturing Sector

IoT services and solutions from helping businesses identify.IoT has multitudes of applications in manufacturing plants.It can facilitate the production flow in a manufacturing plant.To Manufacturing a Quality Product IIOT(Industrial Internet of Things) transformed with big data application with artificial intelligence.IoT Application transformed valuebel facilities in Manufacturing Plant. Trusted IoT Application Service Provider Provide Many Modules […]

Logo Designing Company Junagadh

Logo Designing Company Junagadh  We are top logo designing company in junagadh. we will render a beautiful unique, and appropriate logo that will serve you to brand your business with a memorable and high-quality print-ready graphic. We work with you utilizing your ideas or a pre-existing logo that requires a refresh. Ask us about ourdesign […]

Lead Generation Mistakes You Should Avoid Satish Dodia Digital marketer provide best lead generation service for your brand,business and product. whatsapp:- +91 9737459777 (satish dodia) we’ve discussed why lead generation is the skill everyone needs, my CATT framework, and how to use the CATT framework to create your lead generation and nurturing machine. I also […]

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