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Mobile No will be 13 digit after July 2018

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Mobile No will be 13 digit after  July 2018

The Department of  Telecom (DOT) Instructed to all telecom operators to issue 13 digit mobile number to all new connections.

Decision taken for better security reason by department of Telecom.

The 13 digit Mobile Number is M2M (Machine to Machine ) Sim cards. M2M sim normally not used by general public.

M2M sim card is like Special SIM card. It is designed to Transmit Data. Normal SIM Card is design for Voice transmission.So
M2M sim card is not suitable for Normal Mobile Phone.

M2M connection normally used in warehouse , Traffic Control, Logistic Services ,Supply Chain management ,etc..

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) Officially clarify that this 13 digit number is only for M2M users .So After 1st july 2018 all new M2M connection should be issues with 13 digit number only . Old M2M connection is migrated into 13 digit after 1st Oct 2018 as official declared.

After Implementation of  New M2M sim cards India have longest Mobile number in the world. Currently maximum 11 digit mobile number
available in china. This is very tough to remember as long contact no.

refer attached BSNL Official communication with Telecom Operators.


Once M2M Sim issued to customer and old Sim no migrated to 13 digit measure challenge for IT Team. Currently we have
10 digit mobile no options in all application, online transactions and banking also.After implementation this is huge task to
convert all mobile number in 13 digit and change all the database records .

All Algorithms and validation have to re-define again with new logic and structure to avoid mistakes and issues during online
activities and transactions . All Developers have very very tough challenge to maintain such validation. Currently there is 10 Digit
mobile no limit but as 13 digit new series introduced they have to maintain 10 digit number and 13 digit also in same cell.


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