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Daily Mail sending limit on Gmail Account

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Gmail is allowed limited mail to send everyday.Once to exceed the limit you are not able to send mails.
If you exceed daily mails quota then google block you gmail account for 24 hours without any warning.You can’t send new mail but google allow you to receive new mails.
One Another restriction is you can sent limited recipients per mail.It is included to CC and BCC also. So you can not use more than limitation recipients.

Daily Mail sending limit on Gmail Account

Gmail Sending limits is applicable for users. So if you planned to sending of bulk mails then you have to read rules carefully.

  • You can send emails 500 recipients per day from your Gmail Accounts. If Limit is Exceed then your Gmail account is locked by google for 24 hours .Google is count mail per recipients. Means if you send 10 emails to 10 recipients then it is count as 100 emails.
  • If you usingĀ  Outlook or Gmail App where Gmail account is config under POP or IMAP then your daily limit is 100 emails per day.It is included to or
  • Always check recipients list before sending emails. If you exceed limit or if large no of mails bounce back in both situation Gmail can lock your account for 24 hours.