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How to Sort Text in the Microsoft Word Files

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Have you ever need to sort text in Microsoft Word file ??

Normally we think sort text or numbers only working in Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet.

However you can sort text in Microsoft Word also where you have to mention where words beginning and ending.

Here in this article i am going to share with you how its easy to sort text.

How to Sort Text In The Microsoft Word Files

There are mainly Three types available for sort text in Microsoft Word. The First one is simply a list of words or Phrases that refer each other separate lines. Second method is unordered or bullet list. The Third method is ordered numbers.

In each of this method a line break is decided where one word or phrase ends and next one begins.This is how word is able to sort text in documents.

microsoft wordNow lets Start to sort this text . First select text which you want to sort by dragging mouse .

Once selection done go to the Home Tab of Microsoft Word file.In Home Tab there is Paragraph section is that Section A to Z on it an arrow pointing down. This Sort Command.

Click on Sort Button and Word will open new sort window.

On the Sort Text window, you’ll observe that there a number of options. First, you need to Specify that you want to sort the text you have selected by paragraph. Even though we only have one word per line, Word still considers each line to be its own paragraph because we pressed the enter key to get to the next line. Sorting by paragraph is the default option.

Now We need to confirm what we are going to sorting.So First Select type From Type Menu drop down and select as Text. Then we need to confirm whether we want to sort in Ascending or Descending type.

Have you noticed that now the text is sorted from A to Z in ascending order? There is one more  addition features available , if you click on the Options button, you can configure advanced settings like the field separator and whether it should be case sensitive or not.