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How To Remove Lock Option From CTR_ALT_DELETE Screen

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How To Remove Lock Option From CTR + ALT + DELETE Screen

For lock computer screen we are using CTR + L key or  CTR+ALT+ DELETE key combination and select Lock option.
Here going to share how to remove lock option from CTR+ALT+DELETE Screen.

You can remove option from CTR+ALT+DELETE Screen using Group Policy.

For open Group Policy Editor in Windows 7 click on Start button and type Group Policy and For windows 8 type Group Policy and select Edit Group Policy.

Now click on Edit Group Policy and Group Policy Editor will open .

Now Expand User Configuration :Administrative Templates : System and click on CTR+ALT+DELETE

Right side reading pane you can see Remove Lock Screen option.
Double click on Remove Lock Screen option and remove lock screen Properties screen will open.

Select Enable Radio button and then click on apply and OK  . Close Group policy Editor.
Now Windows 8 will no shows lock button on CTR+ATL+DELETE Screen.

If you want to enable again Lock in screen then open policy editor and select Not Configured Radio button.


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