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How to Print List Of Attachments Name from Outlook

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For Example you receive a Email on your Email account or on an Outlook with many attachments . Now you want to print only List of file Name or Documents without preview of documents.

◊ Print List of Attachments from Outlook Mail

When Received any mail with multiple attachments and you want to print only Documents name for reference at that time it is very difficult task.But If you are using outlook then it is easy task for you.

Please fallow below given steps to print the list of Attachments name from outlook.

  1. Open Mail with double click on mail and Go to Action Tab and Click on Edit Message.

2.Now mail is editable and you can edit mail body also. Now Go to Format Text →Rich Text and now Save Email and
Close Email.

3. Now Click on Home Button and Click Reply.

4.Now Email Reply windows will open and that screen you can see all attachments name are copied into the mail message body.

5. Now Remove all the content except Attachment name in reply window and then re arrange each in lines.




Now click on File and Print. Your all attachment name will be printed easily.

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