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3 Best Pre-wedding Beauty Treatments for Bridal Perfection

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3 Best Pre-wedding Beauty Treatments for Bridal Perfection

With everything else that a bride needs her concentration on from outfits, to jewellery, dance rehearsal her most important worry is skin treatments before wedding.


Every bride wants to look and feel amazing on her wedding day and while your natural beauty will undoubtedly radiate through on your special day, a few pre-wedding skin treatments will give them that extra boost of confidence you might need. From pre bridal skin care to hair care packages to best bridal facial packages, if nothing else here are top 3 bridal treatments a bride should opt for before her big day.

  • Hair Glossing Treatment


For silky, shiny tresses, a glossing treatment is an essential. You can get both clear and tinted variations, depending on whether you need a colour boost or a full balayage treatment too. Glossing treatments are demi-permanent so allows for richness and vibrancy without the commitment. They promote texture and volume but calm frizz and flyaways.

When to have it: A few days or a week before the wedding.


  • LashExtensions 


Opting for extra lash length or adding thickness on your wedding day, but don’t fancy that poking feeling eyelash strips give? Then try lash extensions – individually applied fibres which begin to shed from 2-3 week mark. Clickstyle will help you find best bridal offers in your locality.

When to have it: A week before the wedding to give you time to get used to your fuller lashes.


  • Manicure and Pedicure

The Finishing touch, a manicure and pedicure will leave you feeling complete. Gel polishes cured under a UV or LED lamp are a fail-safe option if you don’t want to risk smudging or chips. Classic brides looking for elegant finish should consider neutral colours or french manicure. Do have a look at the pre-bridal self-care beauty tips to know more.


When to have it: 1-2 days before wedding.


Talk to the top bridal hair and skin experts in your locality and find the best bridal package that works for you.