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How to Set Parental Control in Play Store

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Google Play Store is open source center for Android Mobile users. Android users can be download any applications from play store for use.

Now a days Children become very smart and active on internet uses. They are always know to something new from internet.Even they know how to use play store for download applications and Games.

Sometimes they download when we are away from devices.

Gadgets are source of information but there is chance of  adult information or some of risky games which can be harmful to child.

One more additional risk is financial Risk. If paid games or Applications downloaded then there might be chance of huge amount mobile bill.

so for this all situation can be handled by Parental Control System in Play Store.

How to Set Parental Control in Play Store ?

For Parental control set up you have to fallow below given steps :

  • First Open Play Store and click on Menu button
  • From Menu button select Setting.
  • Now click on Parental Control . Parental control is OFF in  default condition.
  • Play Store Setting Page
  • Now click on OFF to ON Parental Control.
  • Now Play Store Ask to Set one PIN (Password) which should be 4 digits.
  • once you enter PIN no. Parental Control will ON.

Play Store Setting Page


  • Now Screen Parental Control Screen will opened.
  • Here you can set Restriction .
  • Set Content Restriction Windows have 3 options where you have to decide which kind of Applications ,Games or Music can be download from Play Store.
  • First options is Apps & Games where  All the games are in Allowed Mode only. So you have to select which kind Games should allow to download.
  • Here you have to select as per Age of your children. Like 3 years ,7 Years ,12 Year or you may Allowed All.

Play Store Setting Page

  • Next Option is Films. Here you can Select as per children as wise movie only Age wise content will be searchable to your children.
  • Normally Films Category defined on Crime ,Adults,Unusual Languages etc.

Play Store Setting Page

  • Select As per Requirement and Save it .
  • Last option Music but normally we don’t need to block this content.

Now After doing Parental Control Setting when any one open Play Store then All Applications will be reflected  but when click on Download That will be Ask for PIN.Now every time system will Ask pin for downloading.