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How to use Flash Fill in Excel

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How to use Flash fill in excel

How to Use Flash Fill In Excel

Flash Fill: we can use for Separate (Extract) or marge data in excel.

Some times we have text and numeric data in a single cell.Now when we Want to extract Number or Text , We have to manually write all number or text.But you can easily extract number or text using Flash Fill tool.

Extract/ Separate Data using Flash Fill :

Lets take an one example of some mixed data. Some Alpha Numeric details available in cell.

Please refer below given Excel sheet. In First  column there is some text and some number available.
Now i want to extract only text from cell .

As you can see in Image Text size is different in each cell so you can not use Text to Column option to extract data.

Now Enter in Next cell whatever output you want to extract i.e. Number or Text. Here  select first Text and click on Flash Fill tool.

For Flash Fill tool Go in DATA Tab and click on Flash Fill.
Shortcut of Flash Fill  : Ctrl + E

As you click on Flash Fill Tool as per below given Image output will be extracted.

Same as if you want  extract Number then write number in next cell and select cell and run Flash fill or Press CTRL + E.

Combine Data Using Flash Fill :

Now as we Extract/Separate data same way if you want to combine or marge data with additional information.

Here Want to write mail address for all user. so as per requirement in last cell write correct mail address and click on tool .

As you Run Tool as per first cell combination remaining all cell have same output.

Using this tool you can easily combine data ,Extract Data without any complex formula.
whenever want to separate text and number or merge with adding particular data you may use this tool.