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How to Print Top Row on Every Page in Excel

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When we work with data in Excel, we all know that there is a feature that allow us to freeze the top row or sheet or first column of the the sheet. Even we can freeze multiple rows & columns also.

So when we scroll down, the headers are always visible And when we scroll right column will always visible.

But what happened when we print reports?
Only on the first Page Header printed by default. Other all pages won’t have it.

This can make the report very tough to understand as we cannot understand what data we are studying..

So solution for it the Header printed on all the pages, Header repeat on all the reports pages during print.

In this tutorial we will see how to print the top row on every page of excel.

Let’s see how to do this!

How to Print top row on every page in Excel

let assume we have one spreadsheet like below given.

header print on every sheet

If we print this sheet , then it would take multiple pages ,but heading of sheet will print on only first page.

Now lets see steps for print header on every page….

1. Click on Page Layout Tab on Header Ribbon.

repeat header in print

2. In the Page Layout group click on dialog box launcher – Small arrow in corner as shown below

header print

3. In the “Page Setup ” dialog box , click on the ” Sheet ” tab .

4. Click on the field ” Rows to Repeat at top ” option .


5.Select the top row (you will observed that $1:$1 is automatically inserted in the “Rows to repeat at the top” field.

sheet header

6. Now click on ” OK

Now when we print this data of sheet , we can see that the top row of sheet /header of sheet repeats on every page that printed .

If you want to check then click on file tab and then click on print option. now check in print preview tab you can see on every page .

If you want to print multiple rows repeated on every pages then in Step 5 select multiple rows .

Note that for multiple rows print on every page then continues rows needs to be select alternate rows can not be selected.

You can also set the First column (or multiple left-most columns) to repeat on every page when printing data. The process is exactly the same as for Row, where, in Step 5, instead of choosing the row, you can select the column that you want to repeat.

And of course, we can also set the top row and the top column to repeat on every printed page.

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