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Lead Generation Mistakes You Should Avoid

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we’ve discussed why lead generation is the skill everyone needs, my CATT framework, and how to use the CATT framework to create your lead generation and nurturing machine.

I also shared the 12 steps to build your lead generation machine.

All you need is to follow the steps, and your lead generation machine will be ready and running.

If you haven’t checked those emails, please do. It will take your lead generation game to a whole different level.

Because it is the same approach I use to build my 350K+ and growing an email list.

It’s not something I invented. I took the information people who built an email list before me shared. I tried different approaches, tested, learned and fine-tuned it.

But there are lots of marketers failed to get similar results, and there are marketers who are still struggling to get results.

How many of you have tried Facebook ads and cursed Facebook for sending you crappy leads?

How many of you tried Google ads, content marketing, SEO, LinkedIn and either got poor quality leads or no leads or leads, costing you an arm and a leg?

A lot of you might’ve been there because I’ve been there.

  • Why is lead generation so hard to crack?
  • Why is it tough to get quality leads?
  • Why is it so challenging even after having such an easy 12-step formula?

Because people make mistakes.

We are all human, and it is natural to make mistakes.

Lead generation involves a lot of moving parts. It’s almost like building a car or some other complicated machine. That’s why I prefer to call it a lead generation machine.

Even if you miss a single screw, the machine will fall apart. You won’t get the desired results.

Avoiding mistakes is as important as following the right approach.

In this short series of emails, let us discuss the top mistakes people make in lead generation.

If you avoid these mistakes, you’ll get the quality leads you to want to grow your business and career.

Most of the common mistakes people make can be categorized into three:

  • Landing page related mistakes.
  • Offer related mistakes and
  • post-lead-generation, aka email marketing mistakes.

Lead Generation Process in which type of mistake occurs

First, let’s start with landing page related mistakes.

The landing page is the particular page you create to capture leads. It’s the page you use to offer your visitors a bribe to join your email list or become your lead.

Mistake #1: Not having a landing page

The first mistake is an obvious one – people don’t use a landing page.

Some marketers even recommend not to use a landing page because it involves technical steps like setting up a landing page, lead form, connect it with an email tool or CRM, writing emails and so on.

I agree that it involves all those things mentioned and requires a bit of technical talent.

But it doesn’t mean you need to become a landing page specialist.

You can easily hire a freelancer to do it for you for a reasonable fee. In the gig-economy, finding a freelancer is easier than ever before.

Of course, you can use the built-in lead capture mechanism of ad platforms like Facebook ads. You will get more leads, but you will also get poor quality leads.

See, the job of an ad is to capture your audience’s attention, get them to notice your offer, and send them to your landing page. When you use it to generate leads, the quality might suffer because you are packing too much in the ad.

With a dedicated landing page, you can focus on explaining the bribe or the lead magnet or the benefits of joining your email list etc. to your visitors.

Remember, your audience doesn’t care about becoming your lead or what you offer. They are worried about sharing their details and getting spam messages. They don’t want to sign up at all.

You need a landing page to alleviate their concerns, break their resistance and convince them to trust you with their details.

Mistake #2: Having a “me too” landing page

Some marketers realize landing pages are essential, and they create a “me too” landing page following their competitors or some templates.

Or they set up a basic landing page with a headline, a text block, and a lead form with a CTA button.

A landing page is not something you set up in such a manner.

Your audience and your offer are different from your competitors or other templates out there.

If you are offering the same thing everyone is offering, then your audience doesn’t have a reason to choose you and become your lead.

Your landing page targets a specific set of your audience, offering a specific offer solving a specific problem. It is almost unique for your campaign.

You need to communicate why they should become your lead, why they should care about whatever you are offering in exchange for their details and how it can solve their problem or help them become better.

Mistake #3: Ad/landing page message mismatch

You’ve done a great job with the ad.

You promised them a kickass solution in the ad.

Your audiences are excited.

They want it. They clicked and landed on your landing page.

But they don’t see it on the landing page. They don’t see anything you mentioned in the ad.

The landing page isn’t matching the ad at all. Your audience is disappointed and leave. You didn’t get the lead and wasted a click.

Your ad and landing page should be on the same page, communicate the same message.

Your landing should give a slight push to an already interested audience and convince them to sign up.

Mistake #4: Not having a CTA or having a poor CTA

This is the next classic mistake I see people make out there.

Some people don’t even have a CTA on their landing page or think using a button with “submit” as the CTA is enough.

Unfortunately, it isn’t.

Your job is to motivate your audience to overcome the resistance to share their details.

Each phrase or word you use on the landing page should help him do so—every word matters, including what you use in the CTA button.

Using “submit” as your CTA isn’t harmful or wrong. But using a relevant CTA can improve the performance and get you more leads.

Mistake #5: Poor Design

People create landing pages that look as if done by an amateur.

Your landing page is your salesperson talking to your audience.

Imagine if someone dressed in rags is trying to sell you something or asking your details in exchange for something, how will you react to it?

Obviously, you’ll not pay attention and try to move away as soon as possible, won’t you?

That’s the impression people will get from a poorly designed landing page.

The landing page tools and add-ons available can help you design a decent landing page without a designer.

Mistake #6: Not optimized for mobile.

I know it is impossible to accept and believe this.

People are no longer desktop/laptop first when it comes to access the content.

They use multiple devices, especially mobiles a lot to interact with your campaigns.

If your landing page is not optimized for the mobile, then your campaign is set to fail.

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Lead Generation Mistakes You Should Avoid

But what is an offer?

Offer is the lead magnet or bribe or solution you offer to your audience in exchange for their details or persuading them to become your lead.

Your offer decides the performance of your campaign – how many leads you get and how good those leads depend entirely on your offer’s quality.

Creating an irresistible offer is probably the most challenging part of building the lead generation machine, and that’s where many marketers make mistakes.

Mistake 1: Not telling what the offer is

If you don’t tell your audience what the offer is – what your audience gets in exchange for the details, your audience will not know it or become your lead. It is simple and straightforward.

I know I’ve repeated it a couple of times already in the series so far because there is nothing much more important than this.

Remember, your job as a marketer is to make it clear for the audience to understand what they get in exchange for their details.

If your offer isn’t clear for the audience, they aren’t going to decode, understand, and become your lead.

He or she will close the browser tab and get on with their life. You lost a lead and potentially a future customer.

Make it clear to the audience – what your offer is and why your audience should care about it.

Mistake 2: Focusing on features instead of benefits

This is the second-most-common mistake marketers make.

Marketers think that a massive list of features will convince the audience.

They go on talking about the features after features of their offer or lead magnet or software or app or product or service.

Unfortunately, it isn’t.

People don’t buy features.

People don’t buy a program or course because it has 100 videos or 30 hours of videos or 50 cheat sheets or other bonuses.

People don’t buy a book for the number of pages or the cover design. People don’t buy things because what is in it for them, what it does for them.

People buy a program because of what it can do for them or because it can make them smarter or help them get a better job and earn more.

People buy for the benefits and results.

If you want to persuade someone to exchange their details for whatever you are offering them, you need to tell them how “your offer” can change their lives, make them better, or help them achieve something.

Which means stop talking about the features and start telling them the benefits.

Mistake 3: Irrelevant Offer

This one is another lead killer.

People think if they create a lead magnet, the audience will take it and give their details.

As soon as someone wants to generate leads, they rush some lead magnet, set it up, and expect it to work.

That’s not how lead generation works.

People don’t exchange their details for anything or everything. They do so for something valuable to them or can help them.

The entire concept of lead magnet exists for that reason.

You need to create something people will want or need and will give their details.

This means you need to make the right offer, which makes sense to your audience.

Assume your audience wants to lose weight. You cannot offer them a guide to exotic foods and expect them to join your email list.

But if you offer them the guide to exotic foods they can eat without worrying about gaining weight, people will gladly join your list in exchange for the guide.

Your lead magnet or the offer should solve your audience’s problem or answer your audience’s question or help your audience to do something smarter, faster, getting quicker results.

Free alone doesn’t work. It should be a “valuable something free” in exchange for the details.

Mistake 4: Not having a variety of offers

You cannot have one lead magnet and hope to build a quality lead list.

Even if you are expanding your audience and reaching new audiences, your lead magnet will start losing its attraction.

Also, if you are creating ebooks after ebooks as your lead magnet, you’ll be missing out on people who prefer content in audio or video formats.

You should have a variety of lead magnets.

You should have ebooks, infographics, webinar recordings, audio recordings, checklists, and so on.

Because no one offer fits all.

Mistake 5: Poor Ask vs Offer ratio

What you offer and how much details you ask should have a reasonable ratio and relevancy.

For example, you cannot ask your audience to fill 10 fields in a lead-form to access an ebook or checklist.

People sometimes go overboard and try to collect as many details as possible in exchange for a poorly designed guide or ebook.

At the same time, you cannot let people have an in-depth research report or case-study for just a name and email.

You should make sure you are collecting relevant professional and business details before giving them such valuable materials.

Of course, asking for more details will reduce the number of leads you get, but it will improve the quality of leads if you are doing it the right way.

Striking a balance between the ask vs offer is a challenge.

I recommend you to approach it backward.

Before you decide on the number of details you are going to ask your visitor, ask yourself:

– What are the details you need to collect to identify the right lead?

– Is it possible to break the form into two stages so that people don’t feel overwhelmed with it?

– Is it possible to collect some of the required details afterward?

Choose the minimum number of details you need to begin.

And then ask the question:

– What could be the right lead magnet you can offer to convince people that it is worth providing you with the details you ask for?

That’s it.

If you avoid the mistakes we discussed in this lesson, you’ll create the right lead magnet or the offer that will get you the number of quality leads you want

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