Top 5 Method To Convert Negative Number Into Positive Number

Have you ever need to convert Positive number from Negative in Excel ??

If there is one or Two Number need to convert then we manually write same number without negative sign.

But When there is many cells have negative numbers and you have to convert it is Positive Number then Manual Work Will be headache.

So here i am going to share some tips to convert Negative Number into Positive in one short.

Top 5 Method To Convert Negative Number Into Positive Number

Convert number negative to positive is very simple process ,there is nothing Rocket Science .

Top 5 Method of Convert Negative Number Into Positive Number :

  • Multiply with Minus (-) Sign
  • Multiple Using Paste Special
  • Using Flash Fill
  • Custom Formating
  • ABS Function

1.Multiply With Munis(-) Sign to Convert Negative number into positive Number

Hope You know Basic Maths rule – Minus Multiply with Minus Result Always is Positive. ( – * – = +)

Same method we can you in Excel to convert Negative number to positive number.

You have to multiply Negative Value with -1 to convert into Positive number.

=Negative Value * -1  

For Example Negative Value available in Cell A2 then You Have to Type Formula

= A2 * -1





Now if you have multiple rows with Negative numbers just filter it and drag till end. That’s it .All Negative Numbers will be converted into Positive numbers.

2.Multiple Using Paste Special  

Multiply with -1 is very simple method to convert number in Positive numbers but the Output value is resulted in Next Column.
Now If we want result in same column instead of Next Column then ??

We can Convert with help of Multiple using Paste Special Function in Excel.

  • First in any random Cell Type -1.
  • Now Copy That Cell .
  • After That  Select All The Negative Cells which you want to convert.
  • Now Right Click – Paste Specials – Multiply
  • Click Ok.
    All the Negative Value will be Converted to Positive.


3. Using Flash Fill

I am Sure That you know how to use Flash Fill Function If not know than  Click Here .

  • First Write Positive number in Next Cell which you have Negative in A2 cell.
  • Now Go to B3 Cell and Press On Flash Fill ( For Flash Fill Go to Data Tab – Flash Fill) or You Can Ctrl + J shortcut .
  • That It. All Numbers Will Be Converted to Positive.

If All Cells Value not converted to Positive then Drag It…

4. Using ABS Function

ABS- Function is very Easy way to convert Negative Number into Positive Number.

The ABS Function will Return value with remove – Negative Sign.

=ABS( Number )

Simple Drag and all Negative Value will be converted to Positive .

This Function is Convert Only Negative Numbers Into Positive Numbers. If you Mixed Values then also it is convert only Negative Numbers to Positive Numbers .Positive Numbers remains as it is.

5.Custom Formating

Customer Formating only Shows Value As Positive in Screen.

  • First Select All The Cells where you want to Convert Negative Number into Positive Numbers.
  • Now Click Right Click and Format Cells or You Can Open Direct With Ctrl + 1 Shortcut key.
  • Now Go To Custom Filled.
  • Type #,###;#,###
  • Click on Ok.
  • Now All Number will be reflected as Positive.


There is other one option is VBA Coding to Convert Negative number into Positive Numbers.

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