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How to Stop Excel to make auto hyperlink

How to Stop Excel to make auto hyperlink?? Microsoft excel by default convert text into hyperlink if your data match with url or email address format.This is actually unwanted things for Microsoft Excel or spreadsheet.Microsoft Excel auto Correct features convert…
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How to use LEFT Function in Excel

When to Use Left Function ? When you want to Extract Specific Number of Character from Cell or String from the First Character of Left Side. How to Use Left Function ? First of all you have to refer main…
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How to Open Excel With Specific No of Sheets

Microsoft Excel: (Hindi के लिए यहा क्लिक करे ।) Have you notice that your Excel Workbook is always open with 3 Sheets?? Some times you need to delete Extra Sheets from Excel Workbook.In some of Cases You Required more than…
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Top Excel Shortcut For Windows

Excel is one of the most usable to Office Product which is used worldwide. Here going to share Excel shortcut to use in day to day to work. File Menu Shortcut of excel: Create New Workbook – CTRL + N…
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How to use Rept Function in Excel

How to use Rept Function in Excel? Rept Function is used in excel to return a text or value repeatedly specified number of times. Some times we need to repeat some text or value multiple times in excel. Rept is…
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How to Type Same Data in Multiple Cell?

How to Type Same Data in Multiple Cell (Hindi के लिए  यहाँ क्लिक करे) Have you ever need to write same content in multiple cells in Microsoft Excel Workbook?It is very Time Consuming work and boaring work. Even copy paste…
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