How to Use Exact Function in Excel

///How to Use Exact Function in Excel

How to Use Exact Function in Excel

Hi friends, In this article we learn use of Exact Function in Excel.

in Excel Exact Function is used when we required to compare two text or any two cell values.
Exact Function compare two values and if it is exactly Match its return with True otherwise it is returns False.
Exact Function is case Sensitive .

Syntax : – Exact(Text 1, Text 2)

The EXACT function syntax has the following arguments:

  • Text1    Required. The first text or value.
  • Text2    Required. The second text or value.

Lets understand with some examples.

Here in screenshot enter some values in both columns.

Now We Check with first value of both Column is it match or not ?

Syntax : =Exact (Text1,Text2)

For that we have to perform below given steps :

  • Enter Function in output cell
  • =EXACT(B12,C12)
  • press Enter
  • Function is return result as TRUE  because both cell text exactly match with each other.

Now Check for another cell text with same formula.
Red mark Cell now we compare and check.

Syntax : =Exact (Text1,Text2)

  • Enter Function in output cell
  • =EXACT(B14,C14)
  • press Enter
  • Exact Function will return False result because Exact is case sensitive means it is match exact text with upper -lower case in given value. IF it is match then only result is True otherwise it is return with False.
    Here first both latter is both text is different so function return with False result.

Now check for on another value . where two %  value is available .lets check with function that value is correctly match or not?

Syntax : =Exact (Text1,Text2)

  • Enter Function in output cell
  • =EXACT(B14,C14)
  • press Enter
  • Function return result False result.

Here you think both values are same then why output result is False ? Result is False because there is one value is 50 % and second one is 49.99 % . Excel showing round off as 50 % but actually it is 49.99 % so Exact function return as False.

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