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Summary of Secret of Self Made Millionaires by Brain Tracy

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Hello Friends,Today we will summaries Motivational  book – Secret of Self Made Millionaires by Brain Tracy.

Brain Tracy was Poor in his Childhood,And he had a fantasy to become a millionaire Before 30,
But he didn’t able to become millionaire till his thirties,In fact he was Financially Struggling.

At that time he started thinking, like what mistakes he is doing because of which he isn’t getting success.

Hence he started searching the reason which makes other people millionaire.

like what are the secrets which make a person millionaire ?

what are the things which makes an average poor  person a millionaire ?

he started searching answer for all these questions.

he studied this topic for years, and he came to know many things like this (era) is the best time to become a millionaire  Because now a days due to lot of opportunities
there are more millionaires compare to earlier.He came to know many secrets and answers for his questions after applying it.

Even he able to become successful.

He came to know that most of the millionaires have some specific qualities, habits and behavior which helps them to become a millionaire which is missing in most of the normal people. Even he didn’t had it, that’s why he wasn’t getting success, But the best part is, we can learn these millionaire qualities and can develop them within us and can become a millionaire

So today i will share some qualities and habits of millionaire which author came to know after a lot of research developing those qualities and habits within you even you can become successful so let’s begin.

Summary of Secret of Self Made Millionaires

  1. Back from the Future
  2. Self-Employed
  3. Work harder and longer
  4. Dedicate yourself to Life Long Learning
  5. Power Of honesty
  6. Speed and dependability
  7. Get Around the Right People

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Now let’s summaries one by one secrets.

Back from the Future :

Author says you to dream big, doing this can use the technique known as Back from the Future which is used by many successful people, using this what you must do id, imagine yourself 5 years ahead in life

To fulfill any dreams, the very first step is not to take big decisions or to make big plans or team , But the very first step is To DREAM and to have a courage and strength to dream big dreams.

Sadly very few able to dream even though it is so easy.

You notice by yourself, that most of the people don’t even think to dream big if you talk to them about big dreams, they will either avoid it or else make fun of it. They keep limits for dreams as well, hence it is the reason they never able to achieve anything big in their life.

Author says you to dream big, doing this can use the technique known as Back from the Future ,
which is used by many successful people using this what you must do it .imagine yourself 5 years ahead in life.


Most of the failures do not able to achieve anything big in their life because they always blame or think someone else is responsible for their situation and conditions, Either Government,Neighbors, Relatives etc they get somebody to blame And this blaming attitude is the biggest enemy of their dreams.

If someone thinks that everything which is happening in their life is because of someone else then due to this attitude that person will never take any action because as per them there is nothing in their control , and thus they can’t do anything about it .

Whereas on the other side, a person who always take responsibility for everything that is happening in their life. Starts taking actions , start searching for solutions and no matter how bad situation is that responsible person will always make the situation better by taking various actions which is the most powerful thing.

Trust me Attitude of taking Responsibility has the ability and strength to change the world and becoming a millionaire front of it is a very small thing, hence always take responsibility of your life and of your doings.

Work harder and longer:

If you really want to become a millionaire, author ask you to follow 40 plus formula

This formula says –
if you work around 40 hours a week, then you are just doing your duty just like many which only helps you to live an average life.

But hours spend over those 40 hours, those extra hard work and efforts will decide How much successful you’ll become.

For example normal people always want to work 5 days in a week and not more than 8 hours . Whereas on the other side if you see self-made millionaires they work on an average 59 hours a week . Some even worked for 7o to 80 hours that too without taking any holidays.

This hard work paid them very well made them a millionaire and bring them to a position where they can take holidays for a month and can go to world tour that too without any worries.

Do remember your success depends on those extra hours and on your hard work.
The more you do hard work the more successful you will become

Never get afraid of going extra miles compares to others because in that extra miles
you will not get much traffic will not get much competition .
Hence never get afraid of doing more hard work . This will not only make you a respectable person but also increase your chances of becoming a millionaire.

Dedicate yourself to Life Long Learning:

Most of the People Think that after school or college learning and education ends and then work life starts and they need to work to earn money .

But self-made millionaires understands that the actual learning starts after college life .

Hence they always value life time learning.

Author says Life Long Learning is the minimum Requirement to become a Self-made millionaire

Learning is the most important thing in this fast changing and growing world.

Earlier when people used to have more lands they were counted as rich.
Then Industrialization came, people who had more factories were counted as rich.

But Today is Information age, and people who have more information, knowledge has better chances and capabilities to become rich(millionaire).

Hence you must have seen mostly self-made millionaires keep on gaining knowledge and information

they listen and read books or they learn through mentors so that their knowledge always increases and can grab right opportunity at the right time.

Hence even author suggest us to give at least an hour or 1 hour towards learning and gaining knowledge which you can do through various mediums like reading or listening books or by listening useful podcast learning through mentors or by watching various useful videos etc.

Power Of honesty :

Author says any person success depends on the amount of people who have trust on you,the more the people trust you the more the chances you have to become successful.

The best way to gain that trust is to always be truthful and genuine ,keeping your integrity and avoiding not to lie no matter what the situation is.

this thing will help you for long term and people will respect you and this thing also gives you lot of opportunities to become a millionaire.

You can do an experiment which would be like this,

suppose if this world is looking you all the time and the way you behave and do things the same way they do it by getting inspire to you,

Then how you will behave? hopefully you will behave like a perfect genuine person same way you must and have to behave now as well.

because this quality for sure help you to become a millionaire.

Speed and dependability :

Amazon has calculated, their page load becomes slow just for a second they have to face 1.6 billion loss every year.

After Google Research they came to know if their speed search decreases just for fourth tenth of a second then their 8 million searches per day decreases.

these examples shows how fast expecting world we are living in.

It is said that 21st century real and new money is time and millionaire billionaires understand this very well.

hence they always value there’s as well as others time however normal people don’t understand the value of time.

Millionaires always try to increase speed of their work so that they can get more output at lesser time.

whereas normal people waste their time while working and this is the main reason they do not move ahead in life

Get Around the Right People :

85 percent of life’s happiness and success depends on your quality of relation which you form with others in your personal and professional life.meaning the more you know people personally and the more others know you positively, the more chances you will have to move ahead in life.

Now if you want to form good and more connection with people which can help you in your future

so for it the most important thing is you need to form go giver kind of mentality instead of go getter mentality

meaning, most of the people think and try to get more benefit from the other person

but this kind of attitude is usually not liked by the opposite person

and this doesn’t allow to form good connection, so what you need to do is to become go giver

like try to add more value in other’s life, try to help them

or give them gifts, try to do anything good without thinking of getting anything in return

and ones you able to do this, you will start forming good connections

which will for sure help you in your future and becoming millionaire can become easy for you

These were the 7 secrets out of 21 from the book 21 secrets of Self-made millionaires by Brain Tracy

If you want to know all secrets then you can buy this book from the given button.

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