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Secure your Online Information with 5 Easy Steps

Secure Your Online Information with 5 easy steps

Internet is medium of sharing online information and storage of our social and personal information.We are sharing our most of information on social media , with friends , colleague and family members.We also store our personal information on internet like on drives ,in Mail id ,and shared personal pictures,videos  with some one closest.

What happened if suddenly most private information is available on online for everyone to watch ???Just Envision if your mails ,financial information,Picture ,Videos  etc accessible by other people without your knowledge !!!

Many times we seen news about celebrities or famous persons information is viral on social media it just cause there are less careful about security of information.

in 21st century most of peoples are using online services and maximum frauds happening due to less information and fewer security of information.

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Create Exclusive & Matchless Password for each online services

Normally we are using same user name and password for all the online services.If we tried to create unique username and password for all the online services than its very difficult to remember. So one of the best way to create password is use alpha numeric with Capital and small characters . Never create password on your name,surname ,pet name, firm name, places or dictionary words.

Now big questions is how remember all the passwords safely ???then keePass is best solution.It is free tool and use for manage and store online have to create online account on keePass  and saved all the passwords in one database which is locked by one master key.So you have to remember only one key for unlock database and it will open all database list.this is secured with most secure encryption algorithms AES & Twofish .

Always Logout websites and applications Regularly

We are regularly login in our banking accounts and some times we leave it without log off from Account.Is it good habit !!!are you doing log off after compete your work ??once any one have access of your account then !!

Always do Log Off once online activities completed. Never Leave page open when accessing on public computer.As work completed always Log Off from banking information, Email ,Social Media Accounts etc..

Never Share Online information!!!

We all are sharing our information on social media like Name , Address, Phone Number ,etc easily .This information can be can be accessible any one without any permissions . For us this is normal things but for hackers it is very useful information.they collect piece of information from many sources and collect fully our information.this is called Doxxing and this technique is use for accessing our financial information, Private information.

Never  Accept Services are Safeguarding Your Information

Online information storage sites such as DropBox doing very good job of keeping our  information safe and secure. However, if you’re concerned that what you’re uploading is especially sensitive, you should encrypt it – services like BoxCryptor will do that for you for free (tiered pricing levels do apply).

Be Careful Sharing Information Online

We are normally fill out forms or log into a new service all the time on the internet. What is all this information used for?why they are regularly asking our information?? Companies make a lot of money analyzing and using the data that we are freely and frequently giving them. If you’d like to stay a little bit more private and secure, you can use BugMeNot to avoid filling out unnecessary forms that ask for too much personal information and keep it for other uses.


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