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Tips For Microsoft Outlook-Quick Phrases

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Email :world wide 205 billion email messages per day means almost 2.4 million emails are sent every second.Microsoft outlook is best application for email messages .

Here going to share one tips to emails easily.

Tips For Microsoft Outlook-Quick Phrases

Normally we are using same phrases everyday during email messages.If you are using same phrases in emails then automating this can save your lots of time.
Microsoft allow us to save quick phrases and even we can save full paragraph of text.

For example if you type “please let me know if any question?” or ” please let me know if you have any kind of query?”  at then end of many emails .Outlook can insert same phrases automatically with a simple Key press, Quick Parts.

How to setup Quick Parts:

  • When you are composing email message ,select text you want to use as Quick Phrases.
  • on the Insert tab ,click on Quick Parts drop down and select Auto Text.
  • In new dialog box ,at the bottom “Save the selection to auto text Gallery”.
  • In the dialog box you can mention your quick phrase name which will detect what will you need to type to get your saved text to appear.Outlook generally suggest first one or two words of your text.
  • now click OK.

Outlook Quick PhrasesNow, the lets check hows its working?Go back to outlook and open email and start typing the phrase you just saved – in this example, “Please let me know if you have any query.” In the below given screenshot, you will see that while i start typing the word “please,” saved text popped up as a suggestion. We can then insert the whole sentence by simply pressing Enter. If you don’t want to use the suggested snippet, just keep typing and it will disappear.

Outlook quick Phrases

You can also access the phrase by clicking on the Quick Parts drop-down and selecting it from the list.

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