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Joining New Job?Know things From HR Before Joining

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Are you Joining New a Job ??Little Excited about new Job !!!

Yah !!! Everyone is Excited when HR called and said congratulations you are selected !!! Confirm job !!. A New Job offer Brings new Position, New Opportunity ,Carrier Growth with More Money Growth.When HR Ask to fill Joining Form and you Fill Form and sign quickly in Excitement without asking some basic information to HR.

Joining New Job

Normally we are thinking that we have job requirement and they are providing us job.That’s it. No. They have also required your Knowledge ,Experience with Exact Field .They only hiring if you ful fill there requirement.

Then why we can ask our requirement to HR ?? Normally we think that during Interview Only HR can ask Questions and we have to answered only.You have to some things to HR before sign up Appointment Letter.

Joining New Job

Know things From HR Before Joining New Job !!!

  1. Type Of Work
  2. About Team
  3. Reporting Hierarchy
  4. Basic ,Pay,Benefits etc
  5. Casual Leaves,Sick Leaves Etc
  6. Promotion Opportunity
  7. Working Cultures

1. Type Of Work:

Most Important Question is What kind of work i will be doing in organizations? Check your Designation and what kind of work company expect from you.Ask HR what will work profile and company expects from you.

2.About Team:

When you are going to join new Organization  and new Team members then everyone wants good team members or working with good peoples.So talk with HR about your Team.If Your Team is Talented and Smart then it will helpful in work and also helpful in Professionally progress.

3. Reporting Hierarchy :

Reporting Hierarchy is always playing Crucial role in organization and in your career also.In Large Organization Information always Moves up and down in hierarchy only.So it always ask HR to Your Reporting Hierarchy before joining.

4.Basic ,Pay,Benefits etc:

Always Ask HR to clearly to define all the salary related provision. Be it Benefits ,Tax Provisions ,deductions etc .

5.Casual Leaves,Sick Leaves Etc:

Every Company have certain no of causal leaves and sick leaves allocated to all employees .Always ask HR how many Causal Leaves and Sick allowed to you. Even ask Process of Leave Approval. Some time it is very tough process of Approval. Even clarify about half leave and late coming office.

6.Promotion Opportunity :

When we are going to join new Job we only asking one thing is salary !!! is it correct ..but dont know is there is future or not ?is there is promotion opportunity or not ?So always ask Growth Opportunity and Promotion scope in organizations.

7.Working Cultures :

Is there a strict dress code in office?Are the hours somewhat flexible, or do you have to be there exactly at 9 AM and leave at 5 PM?Is it a fun or friendly place to work?Is there a great social life outside of the office?You want to know as much about the culture as you can. You spend more time at the office than you do at home, so it should be a place you enjoy working at.