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How to create Personal Command code for command prompt

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Command prompt is also known as CMD or CMD.exe . CMD is command line interpreter on windows systems.Command prompt interact with user through command line interface.For Command prompt use we have to use specified and per-dinifed command code only.

CMD: Almost all windows user use in day to day life.But you can use only specified or Pre-defined code for command prompt.for example if you want to check IP Address of your system using command prompt you have to open command prompt – CMD and enter IP-Config command to get details.  Have you think if you can use your personal command code to use any specific application or setup ??

Today here going to share how to create Personal Command Code in Command prompt.

  • Right Click on Desktop one Menu appear. From that Menu Select New and Click on Shortcut. Short Will Ask you to enter the Location of the Item.

  • Browse  Location of  Your Application from C Drive and select setup.exe file and click on Next.

  • Now Enter Name or Code whatever you want to use and command in CMD and click on Finish.

  • Now you can see One new Icon is available on Desktop with your given name to shortcut. Just Select that Shortcut icon ,Cut From Desktop and and paste it in Windows folder of C Drive.
  • Open command prompt and enter command code whatever you select and press Enter and see Magic……

Your given file name working as command of command prompt.This way you create your personal command code and easily use in day to day life.