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How To Clear Hidden Information From Microsoft Documents

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How To Clear Hidden Information From Microsoft Documents

We are working on Microsoft office documents every days but have you realize there is much more than you Document Inspector !

Microsoft Office can be store personal information or data :

When any documents shared to another person they can see Who worked on documents , Comments of reviews ,and what kind of changes done in given documents .

Documents Properties  can be store details like subjects , title and author name of documents. Microsoft Office Program automatically maintain data of Office documents .

So you want to know about your documents ….then Document Inspector comes…

Document Inspector :

You are sharing your documents with friends or colleagues you must be check your documents before share. Microsoft office documents automatically stored your information like hidden data or personal data. May be data is include some of your organizational information and it might be create Problems.

Documents can be store Header Footer and watermark of Excel sheet and Microsoft Word Documents.

Word Documents can contains some hidden text .If you do not know then you can check though Documents Inspector .


How to clear Data From Microsoft Office Documents : Word ,Excel or Power Point Presentation :

  • First open Microsoft Documents that you want to check hidden data and personal information.
  • Click on the File tab, and click on SAVE AS and save new file with same name on another location or with different name Because if once we clear then might be unable to recover .
  • In File open Info tab and Check for issues tab and then click on Inspect Documents  .
  • In inspect Documents Comments and annotations ,Documents Properties and personal information,data model, Content Apps ,Pivot tables,Pivot Charts, Cube Formulas ,Time lines etc tab available. Select Dialog boxes to inspect your hidden data.
  • click on inspect.
  • Review results of Inspect Documents and Then Click on Remove All.

For  more information you may refer Microsoft official link .