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Start Taskbar Program using Keyboard Shortcuts

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Start Taskbar Program using keyboard shortcuts

We are use taskbar to save our favorite program or day to day using programs .

Taskbar is graphical interface of current open programs and list of favorite programs added by user.

In Taskbar we add our frequently uses programs so we can access it with out search in programs list.

Taskbar items can be modified as per our requirement and we can re- arrange program list as we want.

Taskbar normally locate in bottom in all windows version. but we can re arrange taskbar any where in screen like Left,Right , Top or Bottom.

Move pointer to Taskbar and Right Click and select Properties. once you click on properties below given
screen will be open. Now Go to Taskbar Location on screen Option and select where ever you want to place


Start Taskbar Program using keyboard shortcuts

Now add programs which you want to start using taskbar or using keyboard.For Example i want to add chrome Browser .Then in program list First i search chrome browser and right click on chrome browser and select add to taskbar. so chrome will be now in my taskbar list. Another way to add is program in taskbar is when chrome or any application is working just right click on it in taskbar and add in taskbar.

Now For Shortcut arrange programs as per your requirement like first internet explorer , Second Chrome Browser,
third Micro Soft Outlook etc…

Now Press Windows key + Number key(i.e. 1,2,3..) as per your Program sequence in taskbar.
you can use from 1 to 0 in taskbar.

Windows + 1 for internet explorer .Windows + 4 will launch Chrome Browser.

so now use keyboard as shortcut of taskbar.

In taskbar you can add quick link also where you can access your favorite internet bookmarks directly without
open browser.

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