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How to Record Video calls of Whats app or Messenger

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How to Record Video calls of Whats app or Messenger

Whats app Messenger and Facebook is very popular platform which is mostly use by youth.

Smartphone user increase day by day in all over world. As per current scenario end of 2018  337 million users will have smartphones in India .

Smartphone have voice recorder facility inbuilt in some models and if not available then we can download applications from play store .

Video calling is very easy in Whats app and Facebook messenger applications. Many other application also available for video calling like Google Due , IMO , Skepe Etc..

Whats app Messenger ,Facebook messenger applications can not record your video calls. so how to record whats app and Facebook video calls ?

How to Record Video calls of Whats app or Messenger

Video calls recorder many applications available in google play store. Here going to share one of them application from which we can record our video calls with audio .

DU Recorder is one of the best recorder application for video recording or screen recording.

Download Du Recorder from Google Play Store and install it.Du Recorder is totally free Application for Record
Video calls from mobile.
it is very easy to operate ,capture smooth and clear video . Application can take screen capture ,Record Video Call,
Video Edit. Live Streaming etc..

Du Recorder is totally free , no additional charge or license required to use application.
It is Ad free application so we can Record Video Call with out any disturbance. No limit of video call recording.

you can edit videos ,Trim Video , Merge Video,Add background music to video ,Add intro videoOnce you installed Du Recorder start application and pause it.

when you Start click on resume and Du Recorder will start to record your video call. it is also record audio during video recording.with DU Recorder you can live stream your videos on you tube or Facebook.

Using Du Recorder you can record Games also when playing on mobile.

Du recorder is also used for screenshot . it is easily capture screenshots also.After capturing screenshots you can
merge many screenshots into one, edit them , you can blur or high light also.