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Best PDF Editor Tool : PDFYeah

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PDF – Portable Document Format is very important document format which is used by millions of peoples everyday. We are using for sending normal information or confidential information. PDF is quit difficult to edit so many people use it as a secure medium to share information.

If you have PDF file and you want to edit it then you have to go online and take help of any online editor .

PDFYeah : Best PDF Editor Tool:

PDFYeah is one of the best online PDF editor tool .This tool have everything related to routine work.
You can convert Excel ,word into PDF ,Crop ,Merge etc easily online.

The Best thing is PDFYeah Tool is totally free and you can use it from anywhere anytime without paying any thing.



Now we will brief all the tools of PDFYeah :

  • Word to PDF : If you have word file and want to convert it to PDF then you can do that with help of this tool.
  • Repair Broken PDF: Some times we are facing issue in PDF due to broken files.With the help of that tool you can repair PDF file.
  • Excel to PDF :Convert Excel Documents to PDF online with this free Tool.You can multiple excel sheets in PDF. There is no limitation.
  •  Power Point to PDF: Convert Power point files to PDF Easily with this tool.
  • Compress PDF: When we convert any word or excel files into PDF then file size became larger.
  • Join PDF :If you have  to 2 PDF files and you want to join them then this tool is useful.
  • Crop PDF: If you have PDF with margin and you want to crop then you use this tool.

PDFYeah : Best PDF Editor Tool:

  • JPG to PDF: If you have an images in JPG or JPEG format,and you want to convert into PDF,then you can make use of this tool.
  • Split PDF: You have a big PDF file and you want to split some pages from that file.easily this tool can Split pages.
  • PDF to PNG/JPG: This is the reverse Process.If you have a PDF file and you want to convert it into PNG or JPB image, this option will let you do that.
  • Protect PDF: If you want to make a password protect it PDF ,then you can use this feature.

Same way many features available on PDFYeah tool.

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