How to Play YouTube Videos in background on Android Devices

Many times we are watching videos on mobile and same times need to check mail or whats app messages but as we try to move on another screen YouTube Videos stopped.
If you can check Messages or Emails on mobiles and YouTube Videos are continues in Background. Even you can save your battery also as turn off display and videos continues playing in audio form from selected play list.

Currently in Android devices and I phone YouTube Mobile Application used by all users. Unfortunately user can not move on another screen using YouTube mobile app.


Multi-Windows is one of the Option for Multi Tasking on same screen.
Using Multi Windows Option you can Watch YouTube Videos on mobile and doing any other task same time.
Multi-Windows have only one limitation that you have to work in half screen. If you tried to minimize YouTube Screen then it will Stopped to play.

How to Play YouTube Videos in background on Android Devices ??

Answer is  Use Google Chrome Browser as YouTube Player !!!

No need to download any extra application on devices. Just use your default browser.

⇒ Open Google Chrome Browser in Mobile

⇒ Open or search on Google YouTube and select

⇒ Play Any Video From YouTube

⇒ Now Go to the Chrome Menu Screen and select Request Desktop Site to Switch Mobile version to Desktop Version

⇒ Touch on Play Icon to Play Video and now move to other Application or Home Screen

⇒ YouTube Will Stop Playback. No Need to worry just drag Down Notification Bar and click on Play Icon in Notification Bar.

That’s IT. Now YouTube is Play in Background and you can continue your task on other screen.


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