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social media marketing packages junagadh

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SMO (Social Media Optimization) Provide by Memento tech in junagadh,india: 

Social media platforms and online business channel help a business to increase the brand or product awareness by using social media channels and communities apart from traditional email or marketing. This includes the use of social media sites, video sites as well as RSS feed to drive traffic as well generate leads and awareness.

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Why Social Media Optimization Important for your business?

  • Ensures a strong presence on the web
  • Improved brand loyalty
  • Increase website visibility
  • Improves search engine ranking
  • Increases the engagement/reach
  • Drive more traffic
  • Close relationship with customers
  • Quick popularity
  • Lead generation
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Better customer satisfaction

SMO Strategy:

  • Identify business goals.
  • Set marketing objectives.
  • Identify ideal customers.
  • Research competition.
  • Choose Channels and Tactics.
  • Create a Content Strategy.

Our main focus is to brand awareness, engagement and generate business leads.


Promoting In:

  • Facebook: Creating Facebook page, join related groups, follow and invite relevant targeted audience, Create and optimize hashtags, share post in different related groups, Various types of post in regularly / alternative day:
  • Image Posts, (2) Link Posts (3) Video Posts (4) Text Posts. Monitor performance.


  • Twitter: Sharing information and content, driving engagement for promotional activities, interacting with consumers, Build Networking with targeted audience, promoting own product and service in different time intervals, Determine the best times to tweet, rewriting others tweets, provide business information, Build Trust, built community, create positive opinion, build awareness about the business.


  • LinkedIn: Post blog updates, link to your infographics, and share other information, join groups and interact with groups. Publish Content and improve connections.


  • Pinterest: Upload Pins, Choose Appropriate Category, Optimize Boards, Optimize Pin Descriptions, Increase Engagement, Design images at the proper size, Create and Pin images with text, Add link with pin descriptions.


  • Instagram: Use relevant industry-related hashtags, built relationships with Instagram community, Leverage Instagram influencers, Engage with community.

Best Digital Marketing company in Junagadh Memento technologies.

Now, days digital marketing and social media management is very important part in small and medium business.