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How to Use Youtube’s New Incognito Mode for hide History

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YouTube is most viewable website or application for watching online videos.Once you go on YouTube and search any topic YouTube will suggest randomly thousands of videos.Even You pick any Random topic to watch video then after YouTube will suggest so many videos related to same topic or other topics which is actually unnecessary .

YouTube recently added Incognito mode which is same as Google Chrome Incognito Mode.

It is release for Android application now recently. Now all Android user can be access to YouTube Incognito Mode. in Nearest future it will be release for Iphone and every other platform.If you are not able to search Incognito Mode in your Youtube Application then Go to Play Store and update YouTube Application.

For Download Latest Version Click Here

How to Enable Incognito Mode in YouTube

  • open YouTube Application in your Mobile
  • Touch on Account Symbol in right hand side corner. If you have set Your Picture in Gmail id then your Picture will be displayed there.
  • There you will found Turn On Incognito option.
  • That’s done.its very simple and easy. once you done it is show first time how it works.

To turn back off go to again Account symbol and click on Turn OFF Incognito .this features is really easy to turn on and off. simple one touch enable and disable features.

In Incognito Mode YouTube will not store Browsing History ,Cookies ,Site Data any thing.Your history Isn’t  be hidden from your  Service provider or employer.

This features will very use ful when parents want to give mobile to small child. Parents can be put some of videos in this mode to avoid full videos access from children.

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