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How to Strike Fake Job offer

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How to Strike Fake Job offer

Internet is helping to job seekers find vacancies or job at the click of a button from anywhere in world,it has also make them more Impotent to hackers.Hackers easily trapped with Fake Job Offers.

Here going share how to figure out whether the job offer you have just received is genuine or fake.

How to find Fake Job offer:


  • If money is asked, then it’s fake job call. No Legal company asks for money in the name of bond or security deposits in advance.
  • The list of opening shared with you would be Massive.right from blue collar staffers of all industries to white collar staffers to the top management
  • It’s a fake job call if you asked to disclose your date of birth, social security number or any other personal detail. Companies may ask for some of this information but not before the job offer has been made. It is at secondary stage after you have been shortlisted that some such information is required for background check.
  • Normally these kind of emails would received in your Spam folder.Because,they are sending in bulk.
  • Fraud job emails usually don’t have detailed information about the job, role, company and package. The content of the e-mail will be unclear and indefinite.
  • A genuine job offer mails from any company will never use email services of Free like Gmail,Yahoo Mail or Hotmail to send job offers to users.Email address from where the mail is sent would be specious.You have to find email address where the name of the company would be displayed like this ‘
  • Office address given in the bottom of the mail would mostly be wrong.Same you can Cross verify with help of Google.
  • Fake job calls have generally lots of and  numerous misspellings and grammatical errors.
  • To stay safe -it is advisable to do a lot of research about the company before applying and sharing information.If there are openings on their career page. Also, compare the contact information from company website.The information that you have received in email.