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How to check short URL

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How to check short URL is Useful or Harmful

Now a Days biggest task is to safe mobile or computer from Virus.

Once Virus is spread in mobile or computer then it is very Challenging mission to removed and  secured devices again.

Virus can damage system files or modified system programs as per virus programming.once virus is activated in devices it may be corrupt
data or share information to data thief.

When ever any short link received we have to check is it secure ??

Are you check any link before click??

Internet world working on link only. What ever page open or surfing any thing on internet all have one link.

Normally 3 types of link found on internet or when received from someone on message or on mails.

  • Full Link -where complete url link provided. (
  • Some Path url provided. (
  • Short Url (

First 2 types of url is easily we can identify .There is no more tension. But third one is little confusing and may be dangerous.
in third kind of url only short url found and this kind of lots of url you can see on whats app ,Facebook ,Twitter everywhere.


How to check short URL:

Google , Bitly,tiny are normally used for create Short Url. When any doubt full Shorl Url received first check by below given tricks.

Tiny url simply copy and paste in new tab and write Preview before link.Automatically full url will display.

Google Shorten url or Bitly url simple add + after link and full details will display.

here refer attached images:

First Image enter you can see one short url entered. After url completed just type + and press Enter
Second Image You can see Full Url address of url extract by google. link :


this is simple way to find out url from short url and you can identified that url is safe or risky.

there is one more way to find out original url. You May Add Extension in browser.
when any short url found simple click on unshorten and in new tab you will able to see full url.

Short url :