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Facebook Mobile Application Track Your Phone Location

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Facebook !!!

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Now a days Whats app and Facebook is very common social media Platform used by world wide peoples.

Whats app is maximum used in application mode by users in mobiles and some time they used in web mode also by Whats app Web   in system browser.For use of whats app in web mode same time you have to enable whats app sharing from application then only you can access whats app on web browsers.

Same way Facebook is used in Mobile Application mode and web mode also. But for
Facebook it is not mandatory to use Facebook in Application then only you can use in browsers. You have choice that you can use in mobile application or in web browsers or
same time use both parallel. So today going to share with  you one Information of Facebook mobile Application .


Are you Aware that Facebook Mobile Application is Store your Location history ???


Facebook Mobile Application is Track your phone location continues. If you allow location access to
Facebook it is continues track your location and store in location history of Facebook.


In Facebook Application go to settings & Privacy – Account setting – Location


for reference refer below given screenshots of Facebook Mobile Application.


Once you ON Location in Application Facebook is Store your locations continues in history of location.


If you want to check your location history open given link :

and you can see list of places where you were visited. You can see on google map just like below given Image.

Location enable is help us to that we can track our visited places .

If you want to disable location sharing with Facebook then  Go to
Facebook Mobile ApplicationSetting- Location and OFF location sharing.


Once you turn OFF Location sharing from Application Facebook  is stopped to collect
and store your location history.


After Turn off location in Facebook Mobile Application if you want to check history of
Location Facebook will  not allowed you to check history.


Location history you can check by date also. You can check any particular date history by choosing date.


There is provision to delete history so if you want to delete history then you can delete it !!!