bootstrap 5-official-release-tutorial

Bootstrap without jQuery
Is pure JavaScript achievable in Bootstrap 5
The team officially announced their plans to remove jQuery dependency in Bootstrap 5. The announcement received mixed opinions, some developers state that removing jQuery is a bad move due to its usefulness, while others believe that golden age of the library is over and it’s time to move on.

Both sides have their reasons as jQuery is indeed a fairly aged project and remains almost unmaintained, but offers very elegant solutions in some cases and is still widely used and considered a reliable tool.

Bootstrap 5 columns

Grid usage and layout in Bootstrap 5

The famous 12-column system which is the fundament of Bootstrap concept will almost certainly stay with us in Bootstrap 5.

Although in recent months the development is focused mostly on improving performance and reducing the loading time, the main idea of the project is still responsiveness. To this day, there is no better way of solving the problem of different screen sizes than Bootstrap rows and columns.

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