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Best Places to visit in Junagadh

Best Places to visit in Junagadh

There are many attractive and historic places available in Junagadh .Junagadh has always been the center of attraction of Indians and foreign tourists.The Historical Places in Junagadh offers a feel of history.

List of Best Places into Visit in Junagadh :

  1.  Girnar
  2.  Damodar Kund
  3. Dattatreya Temple
  4. Girnar Jain Temple
  5. Darbar Hall Museum
  6. Uparkot Fort
  7. Ashok Shilalekh
  8. Wellignton Dam
  9. Mahabat Maqbara
  10. Datar Hills
  11. Sakkarbaug Zoological Garden
  12. Jatashankar Mahadev Temple
  13. Adi Kadi Vav
  14. Bhavnath Mahadev Temple
  15. Navghan Kuvo



Girnar, also known as Girinagar (‘city-on-the-hill’) or Revatak Parvata, is a group of mountains in the Junagadh District of Gujarat  India.

The Girnar mountain ranges are considered to be sacred. It is an important pilgrimage site for Hindus and Jains , who gather here during the Girnar Parikrama festival. Girnar is one of the six major ‘tirthas’ attributed to the ‘panchkalyanakas’ of various ‘ tirthankaras’.

Mountain Girnar is older than the Himalayas and the Jain temples upon it are amongst the most ancient & Antique in the country


Damodar Kund:

Damodar Kund is one of the Holy lakes as per Hindu beliefs. Damodar kund is located at the bottom of Girnar.It is considered holy, as per Hindu mythology and many Hindus prefer to bathe and immerse the ashes and the bones left after cremation of dead bodies, here at Damodar Kund.

The lake is 50 ft broad and 257 ft long and only 5 feet deep. It is bounded by a well built ghat.The Damodar Kund is closely attached to the life of Narsinh Mehta, the famous 15th century Gujarati poet and devotee of Krishna,who came to bath at Damodar Kund



Dattatreya Temple: