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How to use LEFT Function in Excel

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Left Function

When to Use Left Function ?

When you want to Extract Specific Number of Character from Cell or String from the First Character of Left Side.

How to Use Left Function ?

First of all you have to refer main text and number of character which you want to extract from the text string.

Syntax : Left (Text,Num_Chars)
Text :
A Text or String from where you want to extract characters.
Num_Char: Specific number of Character which you want to Extract.

For Example :” Mahipal Dodia” is one Text and now i want to extract First Four Character from Text.
So Syntax is : =Left(B2,4)
Output Will be : Mahi

For reference please refer below given Image.

left function

Some Important Points about Left Function:

  • Num_char can be Zero or Grater Than. it should not be blank.
  • If you Skip to mention num_char then it will count as 1.
  • Even you can Extract number also same way.