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How to Stop Excel to make auto hyperlink

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How to Stop Excel to make auto hyperlink??

Microsoft excel by default convert text into a hyperlink if your data match with url or email address format.This is actually unwanted things for Microsoft Excel or spreadsheet.Microsoft Excel auto Correct features convert Text data into Hyperlink.

ID list

The problem with these hyperlinks is if you just want the data, it can be a tough work around the links while creating influences. In order to select a any cell with a hyperlink, we need to use our right mouse button instead of your left.

So lets see how we can stop this from occurring in the first stage.

How to Stop Excel to make auto hyperlink

First of all open any workbook of Excel. We will change setting in excel, so this will be impact on all the workbook on your computer.

In Excel >>File Tab >>Option Menu >>

  • Select Proofing from left hand side Pane.
  • Click on Auto Correct options right hand side pane.
  • Go to Auto Format As You Type Tab
  • Uncheck Internet and network paths with hyperlinks under Replace as you type
  • Click OK to confirm change.


Now when you work on any workbook & text match with URL or Mail, id it will be not converted to Hyperlink.

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