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How to Rotate Text in Excel Header And Cell

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When We are working on Excel Reports many times our figure is fewer numbers, but the heading is larger in comparison to cell figures. So when such a situation happened normally we are doing Wrap Text in Header Row so column space should not be extended. So here we are going to learn one alter solution of Wrap Text which is very easy and also makes your reports very attractive. Now let’s learn step by step how quickly rotate text in excel.

Rotate Text Using Ribbon Alignment Menu

lets take an example of below given Excel Details. We Have an Excel sheet where the cell value is smaller than the Header text.

Rotate Text

Follow the below-given Steps to Align Text in Header Row.

  1. Select all the Cells of Row (Header Row which you want to Rotate)
  2. Click On Home Tab in (Excel Ribbon Bar).
  3. In the Ribbon Tab Go to Alignment Group.
  4. Now In Alignment Group Click on ” Orientation Icon “.
    Rotate Text
  5. In Orientation Group click on sub-menu ” Angle Counterclockwise”
    Rotate Text
    This action will be rotate the selected Header Text 45 Degrees.
    Rotate Text
    You can also select other options like Angle Clockwise, Vertical Text, Text up & Text Down.
    it is up to you which option is preferable to your reports.

This is the quick way to rotate text in an excel sheet but it gives you limited functions. For Example, using the menu you can rotate 45 Degree but if you want to rotate 60 or 70 degrees then??

Yes, You can Rotate text whatever angel you want but for that know, you have to learn the next method.

Rotate Text Using Format Cell Alignment Option of Ribbon

This method is a little bit longer then the previous method but it gives you a lot more functions.

we have one data sheet as per below given and we want to align text.Rotate Text

Follow below given steps to  Align Text.

  1. Select Header Text or Cell Text Which you want to Rotate
  2. Click On Home Tab in (Excel Ribbon Bar).
  3. In the Ribbon Tab Go to Alignment Group.
  4. Now In Alignment Group Click on ” Orientation Icon “.
    excel ribon
  5. Click on the ” Format Cell  Alignment Options ”
    format cells alignment
  6. Alignment section you can enter degrees by which you want to rotate the text.alignment cells
  7. Click on OK.
    You Can Align text by mouse pointer by clicking on the arrow and drag as per the desired requirement.

Shortcut Key to Rotate Text

if you have required frequently to rotate text then a shortcut must be helpful to you.

ALT + H + F + Q + O ( Press one by one after press ALT )

Change Text to Default Stage – Horizontal Stage

Now let’s see How to Adjust text horizontally or in the Default stage.

For Disable the Setting you have to perform the same steps again.

If you Align text using the “Angle Counterclockwise ” method then follow the same steps and clicks on Angle Counterclockwise again so the text would be adjusted horizontally.

So these are some of the quick ways you can Text Rotate in Excel.
I hope you found this tutorial helpful!

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