How to Hide Worksheet in Excel (That can not be Unhide Easily)

How to Hide Worksheet in Excel (That cannot be Unhide)

In Microsoft Excel, You can hide a worksheet and the user would not see it when he/she opens the workbook. However, they can easily unhide the worksheet if they want (as we will see later in this tutorial).

But what if you don’t want them to be able to unhide the worksheet(s) easily.

So to stop doing that you have to take some additional steps to make sure the worksheets are very hidden.

Easy & Regular way to Hide/Unhide worksheet

We can use below-given steps to hide the worksheet in Excel:

  • Right-click on the sheet that you want to hide.
  • Click on Hide.

hide worksheet

This would easily hide the worksheet, and you will not see it in the workbook with other worksheets. This hidden worksheet would be hidden after you re-open the workbook or share it with anyone.

To hide multiple sheets at one go, hold the Control key and then select the sheet tabs one by one. Once selected, right-click on any one of the selected tabs and click on ‘Hide”. This will hide all the worksheets in one go.

The above-mentioned method is very easy to unhide hidden worksheets.

Follow below-given steps to Unhide Worksheet

  • Right Click on  any exiting worksheet.
  • Click on Unhide.

unhide worksheet

In the dialog box, select the worksheet you want to unhide.

unhide worksheet

Click OK.

This will instantly make the sheet unhide easily.

You can unhide one sheet at a time. We can not unhide multiple sheets at one time. You have to follow the above steps multiple times.

The above method can’t help you to hide any workbook as anyone can easily unhide it.

Hide a Worksheet so Can it cannot be easily Unhide

Here are the steps that hide a worksheet so it cannot be unhide.

  • Right Click on any of the worksheet tabs.
  • Click on View Code.
  • workbook hidden view code
  • In the VB Editor , VBAProject  Menu Click on worksheet you want to hide.
    hide worksheet VBA
  • With the Selected worksheet, click on the Hide Worksheet VBAproperties windows icon in the toolbar or F4 – Key board shortcut.
    Hide Worksheet VBA
  • In the Properties pane that opens, select the drop-down in front of the option “Visible”.
    Hide Worksheet VBA
  • Select ” 2 –  xlSheetVeryHidder ” Option.
  • Close the VB Editor.

That’s it Worksheet unhide.

When you Right Click on any of the tabs on the worksheet, you will not see it in the hidden sheets that you can unhide.

Now let’s understand how to unhide a worksheet that is very hidden.

Unhide Sheet which has been very hidden

Follow below given steps :

  • Right-click on any of the worksheet tab.
  • Click on View Code.
  • In the VB Editor, click on a worksheet that you want to unhide.
  • If Properties Windows is not visible, click on the Properties window icon in the toolbar.
  • In the Properties Pane change the Visible property from ” 2- xlSheetVeryHidden ” to ” 1 – xlSheetVisible “.
    Unhide Worksheet
  • Close the VB Editor.