How to Get Day Name from Date in Excel

How to Get Day Name from Date in Excel

Sometimes while we are working with Dates in Excel you want to know the day on that date is Tuesday or Friday.

This could be mainly required when we are planning for any projects or specific work to be done or allotted on specific days. Some specific reports are to be sent.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to get the day name from date in excel very easy way.

Get Day Name from Date in Excel

One of the best ways to convert the Day name from Date is to change the format of cells which has Date.

In this method, the good thing is that in Cell you will see the day name, but in the back end it will still continues to be the date.

So this way you can still use Date for other calculations.

Now, let’s understand with one example.

Suppose you have one Data set as shown below in the image. Here are some random dates available in Column A for which you want to know the name of the day.

Get Day Name from Date in Excel

Below are the steps :

  • Select Dates in Column A
  • Click on Home Tab
  • In the Number group, click on the dialog box launcher (the tilted arrow at the bottom right part of the group in the ribbon)
  • In Format Cells Click on the Custom category option (Left-Hand side list)
  • For Format Cells Dialog Box open Shortcut Key:- CTRL + 1
  • Now in Type Filed enter DDDD
    Format Cells
  • Click OK

The Above steps would convert dates in the selected cells of A column. And give you the name of the Day for that date.

Days from Dates

As I mentioned in starting of the tutorial, This would only change the way dates are being displayed. The back-end cells still contain dates.

Days from dates

When we have use custom code dddd  it command to excel that we want to show only Day name from dates.

Note: For this method, we need to use date format which Excel understood as Dates. For Example, if we use Dec 21 2021 then it wouldn’t convert to the day.

Get the Day Name from Date Using TEXT Formula

We can also use TEXT formula to convert Date into the name of the Day.

Using the TEXT formula result of Date should be a text string. So once Date converts to Day we can not use date in calculations as a numeric value.

Let see how this method works.

Suppose we have Dataset as shown below, and we want to days name in next column.

days from date using text

Formula for Convert :



This formula will give us day names like Monday or Tuesday.

days dates by text

All the custom number formats that are covered in the above section can also be used in the text formula. Just make sure that the format is within double quotes (as the one shown in the formula above).

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