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How to Add Drop down list in Excel

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Excel : How to Add Drop down list in Excel sheet

Drop down in Excel sheet we required to use when we want exact and accurate data. It is useful when complex data or long data where hard to spell and chance to do spell mistakes or user want control responses.

Drop Down allow to select product or items from list which is set by earlier . No other key words type by end user them self in drop down list.So no worry about data verification.

How to Add Drop down list in Excel sheet

If you have large database then make a table in another sheet of same workbook.If you have small data then you can write in same sheet in data validation cell with comma separated.

Now lets see how to add drop down list in excel sheet step by step.

  1. Open Excel Sheet and add one more sheet or go to sheet2.If you want specific sheet then rename sheet as per data. for example i want make sheet with name Main Sheet then i right click on sheet1 and select Rename and Rename my sheet.Same way i Rename Second Sheet as List  .
  2. Type Name of Items ,Category , Name , etc what ever you want to add in drop down list in second sheet which Renamed as List . for example here i make a list of city .Excel Sheet
  3.  Arrange List as you want to reflect in Drop Down.
  4. Now Open Main Sheet and go to DATA Tab of Header and click on Data Validation.
  5. When you click on Data Validation below mention Pop Up will open. Select Validation Criteria which you want to allow search. Select Source data Range from sheet2 ( List ) where you stored your list of items. Here i select Sheet2 – list sheet where i stored city list.
  6. Open main sheet where you have to select data from drop down.Select first cell and drag it up to you want allow drop down. so same rule will applicable to all cells.
  7. Click on cell Drop Down list will be open. From that item list from Drop Down. that’s It.You Have to select only from list only.

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9. Once Rules apply user can not enter anything then Drop Down list. If try to Write any thing else which is not added in Drop Down list then Excel will through error immediate.

That’s it !!! simply you can add Drop Down list in Any Excel Sheet.

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