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March 2022 Car Sales in India

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Auto sales march 2022

March 2022 Car Sales in India

During the month of March 2022 market has grown up with a little bit growth compared to last year’s sales.

This was the second month of FY where sales crossed to 3 Lac vehicles.

Tata Motors & Mahindra Cars have grown significantly in the last month of the financial year.

Mar 2022 Car sales

  • Maruti Suzuki Has sold the highest number(133861) of vehicles as usual, but has registered a de-growth of 8.4 % compared to last year’s sales.also, drop 4% Market share.
  • Hyundai dropped 2.5 % Market share compare to LY and decreased the sales volume to 15.2 % compared to March 2021.
  • Tata Motors Performs very well and has been achieved No.2 position in the growth of volume Vs LY 21. Tata Motors Passenger vehicles sold stood 42295 vs  29665 of LY.
  • Mahindra volumes shot up by 64.5 percent in Mar 2022 over Mar 2021 and was placed at the fourth spot in the ranking table. Market share also increased from 5.2% Last year, to 8.5 %  in the current year.
  • Kia India has sold 22622 units in the month, which placed 5th rank in the table.
  • MG Motors has sold 4721 units which is lower than last year’s same month’s sales of 5528.MG lost 14.6 % volume YOY.
  • Skoda India recorded sales in March 2022 of 5649 units in the Last month of the financial year. Volume Growth shot up to 387 percent YoY.
  • Volkswagen India has registered 81 percent growth YoY which is second highest growth in the month of March 2022.
  • Renault India has a De-growth volume of 31 percent YoY of units from 12356 to 8518 units.In MoM comparison achieved 25 percent growth.
  • Nissan India has sold 3007 vehicles which lead to a de-growth of 25 % YoY.
  • Honda Inda sold out 6589 units compared to last year’s sales 7.2 percent de-growth registered.

March 2022 Car Sales in India

Passenger vehicle sales remain the same compared to last year’s same month’s vehicles sales. In Month on month comparison growth increased from 302756 to 321375 which lead 6 percent growth.

MoM Comparison shows good growth in passenger vehicle sales.